Packing Before You Move: Everything You Need in Your Packing Survival Kit

You are moving. And if you’re anything like most movers, you are probably moving quite soon, and you’re only just now beginning to look apprehensively around your house or apartment to consider what you should be packing. How should you pack? What should you pack? Where do you start?

For help on that, you can read Tips to Surviving Your Move. Right now, Redmond movers will focus on your first moving step — packing.

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How To Pack Smart With a Survival Kit:

When you are packing, things get moved around, shifted, lost, and sometimes even seem to magically vanish behind your back. To avoid this when it comes to your packing materials, as a professional moving company in Kirkland, we suggest that you find yourself a plastic box of medium size that you label in appropriately loud letters, ‘Packing Survival Kit’.

Into this box, you will need to place the following:

  • Box tape (to save yourself a headache, be sure it is the kind with the tape cutter attached)
  • A sharpie for labelling (thick black sharpies work best)
  • A pair of old scissors
  • Duct tape in 4-6 bright colors
  • A measuring tape
  • A regular pen
  • A notepad


Why Those Survival Tools?

Our Kirkland movers have found that homeowners and renters that have these tools in their practical survival kit can stay a bit more organized and calm during the packing process. But why those tools?

Box Tape:

If you’re using your own boxes, you’ll need box tape. If they are broken down, you’ll need to set them up, and any boxes that are already made will often need a little bit of extra tape to secure them. This is especially true for old boxes. The best box is a double layer cardboard box with holes for handles, as they are easy to carry and heavy duty.

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A thick black sharpie is needed to label your boxes. You can either write what room the box goes in, or you can get more detailed and write some of the individual items in each box. Here’s how the professional moving companies suggest to do it:

  • If the move is short (items packed for only a few days) and you will unpack immediately after you arrive, save time and simply label the room.
  • If any or all items will be going into storage for a while or not unpacked promptly, take the time to write down some of the individual items. If you find that you need something from storage while you are in your temporary living space, having your boxes labelled will save you a lot of time digging through them.

Duct Tape:

This is one of the secrets of professional movers – instead of only relying on labelling with a sharpie (which is usually one on one side of a box), you can label with colored duct tape. Here is an example:

  • Green duct tape = bedroom
  • Orange duct tape = kitchen
  • Teal duct tape = living room
  • Silver duct tape = storage items
  • Pink duct tape = fragile items inside (can be paired with any other color)

While you can tailor your color scheme to include as many colors (or rooms) you want, this can save yourself a lot of time when packing up and moving. Why? Movers know EXACTLY what room each box should go in, without having to look all over the box or ask where “Mom’s fine china” should go.

When taping, just one strip over the top the narrowest width of the box will suffice perfectly. You’d be surprised at how easy this simple trick can make the moving process.

Old Scissors:

You ALWAYS find a need for scissors. Your first order of scissoring business will definitely be cutting duct tape, but we promise you’ll find plenty of other things that need cutting as well.

Measuring Tape:

What on earth will you need measuring tape for? Actually, lots of things. You will need to measure doorways and landings and the length or width of your furniture. By figuring out if you’ll need to take doors off of hinges in order to move that grand piano, or other large furniture piece, you’ll help save yourself from any surprises and time-wasters on your moving day. Plan and measure as you pack!

Pen and Notepad:

When you’re packing things up, you’ll find that you’ll think of things that you need to remember later. Whether it is something that you tucked back in the closet to be packed in another box, or remembered that you haven’t called your realtor about when to drop off the keys to your old home, you’re going to find that your mind is full of things tumbling about. If you don’t take the opportunity to write them quickly down, you’ll find that you’ll forget about them.

Organizing yourself with a master moving and packing plan, and keeping your head clear from cluttered thoughts will help you stay calm and organized during your move.


Getting Help With Your Move:

The final tool to have in your moving survival kit are some experienced, professional movers. A moving company like ours can help you to more quickly and easily pack up your home and move your belongings to their new location, whether that is to your new home or to temporary storage. Rather than breaking your back (and your bank) by doing everything yourself, get some professional movers that you can trust to help you out.

If you are planning a move this season, you may want to think about getting some help from a moving company in Kirkland, West Seattle, or one of those surrounding areas. Our Moving and Storage company in Redmond services movers in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kenmore, Issaquah, and more. Give a call at 425-296-8878 to talk to one of our professional movers or fill out a contact form to learn more.

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